BoutMix Distilleries Unveils Plan To Get Into The Denver Limousine Market



Mr. Mark Conroy, Executive Vice President of BoutMix Distilleries, announced today that BoutMix is planning to get into the Denver Airport Limousine Service market sometime during the next 18 months.

The company has had its eye on the market for more than three years, he said, and the time is soon coming when it will have to make the jump.

While the market for limousines and the market for alcohol would seem to be two very different markets, the fact is, according to Mr. Conroy, there are great similarities between them.

To begin, he says, BoutMix Distilleries makes the finest whiskey east of the Rockies, a premium brand which only wealthy people can afford to drink.

And the same kind of people who drink BoutMix whiskey are driven around in chauffeured limousines.




The company is now in talks with Denver Fox Airport Limo, which has agreed to train the drivers for the new company that BoutMix Distilleries will create, and also to advise the company on which kind of limousines to buy.

The reason that BoutMix and Denver Fox Airport Limo are working so close together is because their respective presidents are old friends from high school. Andy Bouyadd, the president of Denver Fox Airport Limo has known Frederick Crenshaw, the president of BoutMix Distilleries, for almost 30 years.

About a year ago, there was some talk that BoutMix Distilleries might even try to buy Fox Denver Airport Limo, but in the end that talk went nowhere. But even though BoutMix will not buy Fox Denver Airport Limo, the two companies are very, very close.

This story was written by Edith Smithson, the executive secretary to Frederick Crenshaw, the president of BoutMix Distilleries. She wrote the story at the direct order of Mr. Crenshaw. If anyone would like to talk to her about the story, or leave her some comments, please contact her at 720-842-3384.

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